Get to know the basic stair parts

Stairs can be a technical area to understand if you are new to this field. It is sometimes essential to understand the anatomy of the stairs in order to get it repaired, maintained or replaced. Professional services such as staircases Sydney can help with such queries but this is not the case always. It is preferable if we know the details by ourselves.

Here is the terminology guide that will shed light over some of the staircase parts that helps us to make the right decisions while purchasing or maintenance:

1. Base rail

Base rail is along a landing or sits on top of the string. It can also come with a groove. This allows the spindle to sit in the track. It even comes with a solid so that glass brackets or metal spindles can be screwed directly making it more convenient.

2. Hand rail

It sits on top of the spindle which comes in different variety. It is featured in a multitude of shapes and profiles. It can even be attached with a wall which works as an aid to get up and down on stairs.

3. Curtail step

This is also termed as a bull nose which is on the bottom step of a flight of stairs. There is a quarter circle design either on one or the both ends.

4. Diminishing

When the hand rail hits the underside of ceiling line, then it is known as diminishing.

Which materials to choose for stair parts?

Once you have familiarized yourself on all the essentials of the stair parts, there are some other important decisions to make. One of them is the material to choose for the stair parts. Timber is one of the versatile materials that appear good in all the settings. Wood and metal can be combined as well to give an aesthetic appeal. Glass panels can be used in a contemporary manner to add a touch of glamour.

However, it is important to determine the quality of each and every material that is being used. It doesn’t only have a significant impact on the aesthetics but functionality as well. It will determine the comfort and safety level of the staircase. It will have a considerable impact on the durability as well and how often maintenance will be required.

When choosing handrails, there are two basic categories to choose from called as ‘post-to-post’ and over-the-post’. Post-to-post system is the most durable and economical option that even ensures safety. It is easier to grasp and the grip is maintained.

The bottom line

Here was all you needed to know about the basic essentials of a staircase. However, there are some safety rules that must be kept in mind. It is important to comply with the building regulations in order to ensure maximum safety and security. There are professional companies in operation that doesn’t only guide on the entire anatomy of the staircase but also on its installation. They can even guide over the materials that must be used.